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Swedish Steel Shaped Our World
Sandvik was making ingot steel using the Bessemer method long before anyone else. A trader named Göran Fredrik Göransson succeeded in producing steel in large quantities to meet growing demand. On the back of this innovation, Sandvik was founded in 1862. Göransson was a pioneer in other areas and was ahead of his time in what’s now known as relationship marketing.

He established two basic values that we still believe in today: constant technological development and close contact with our customers. Staying close to customers is more than just marketing; it’s the best way to develop cutting edge technology that works in the real world.

Product innovations continued and in 1942 a small cemented carbide tools department was started and the Sandvik Coromant brand name was registered. In 1952, an entire production unit was established in Gimo, central Sweden, now the main plant for tools and carbide inserts. 

A World-Leading Tool Supplier
This desire to keep on developing has made us a world leader in metal cutting tools. The path — from steel production via the first cemented carbide products to today’s sophisticated tools for turning, milling and hole making — is lined with innovations. Innovation has not just been reserved for products and machining methods, but also customer contacts, service and training.

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