Walter Helicheck Basic 2

Walter Helicheck Basic 2

United Grinding

Officials at

United Grinding Technologies’

Tool Division announce the Walter Helicheck Basic 2, which costs half as much as other machines in its class.

The Walter Helicheck Basic 2 measures complex profiles and control measurements like step lengths and diameters to within 1.5µ.  This makes it the ideal machine for controlling form accuracy and speeding setup by measuring grinding wheels.

The Helicheck Basic 2 is also perfect for Walter’s Form Tool Compensation (FTC), which automatically corrects errors in tool profiles, thereby setting up on even tight tolerance tools like “Christmas tree” root form cutters within minutes.

In addition to FTC, the Basic 2 is fully compatible with all of Walter’s measuring software, including QCM. Easy QCM software requires no special measuring expertise, and 3D views — without moving the optional camera — are much more accurate.  Further, QCM provides highly precise wheel measuring, including contact point.
Length measuring capability: E1 = 2.0 + L/300μm. (Optional camera: E1 = 1.4 + L/300μm).  Maximum part diameter: 320mm.  Maximum part length: 420mm. Repeatability: <1.5μm (optionally, <1.0μm).