EWAG Compact Line

EWAG Compact Line

United Grinding


Officials for United Grinding Technologies’ Tool Division announce the EWAG Compact Line, the versatile solution for grinding indexable inserts — almost any material or any geometry, precisely and economically.

With a direct drive spindle, the latest linear motor technology and five CNC axes, the Compact Line can grind all indexable inserts, including carbide, CBN and PCD.  What’s more, it can do that unmanned over several shifts thanks to an integrated 6-axis FANUC 200i-C robot and a “three-in-one” dressing, regeneration, and crushing unit that assures the grinding wheel is always perfect.  The compact design and linear motors also minimize non-grinding times and ensure the shortest possible cycle times.  The “plug and play” clamping systems enable quick changeover between insert types.

An operator can reach the entire machine interior and all controls from one ergonomic position; further, he can change the grinding wheels with a touch of a button. The HSK-E 50 clamping system makes wheel change both fast and precise. An automatic clamping station offers fast, automatic change for grooving inserts and similar tools.  The “plug & play” clamping stations cut changeover time in half — change from one clamping station to a completely different type in minutes. All Compact Line clamping stations use the same mechanical connection to the B-axis for maximum part flexibility in the shortest possible time. The p.n. clamping system uses a tension pin to secure inserts through their center hole, guaranteeing the greatest possible accessibility for the grinding wheel.

Five axes assure complete geometric flexibility.  The critical X and Z axes use linear motors and the B-axis employs a torque motor for the ultimate in precision. The integrated 6-axis Fanuc robot makes it possible to run multiple shifts untended because the pallets hold hundreds of inserts.  Every move is optimized, minimizing load time. Automatic 3D probing measures all workpiece features in one clamping, ensuring tolerances are met from the very first part.

Technical data

  • X-axis travel: 450 mm; rapid traverse: 15m/min.; resolution: 0.0001mm.
  • Y-axis travel: 180mm; rapid traverse: 10m/min; resolution: 0.0001mm.
  • Z-axis travel: 150mm; rapid traverse: 10m/min. resolution: 0.0001 mm. 
  • Swivel B-axis travel: 0.0001°; resolution: 18,000°;  A-axis travel:  -15° to +25°; resolution: 2000°.
  • Spindle power: 5.5 kW/ 20,000 N/m. Speed adjustable to 10,000 rpm.

EWAG builds tool grinders and production tool grinding centers for rotary tools and high quality indexable inserts in tungsten carbide, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline boron nitride). Tool accuracies in the microns. Mirror finishes on PCD. Several models available with sophisticated measuring and compensation, plus automatic loaders, for fully automatic production.