43 Chip Breaker Roughing End Mills

43 Chip Breaker Roughing End Mills

SGS Tool Company


SGS Tool Co., a leader in round solid carbide cutting tool technology, has added a new series of Roughing End Mills to its SCarb product line in support of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide high performance solutions. The new series 43 Chip Breaker encourages load reduction and offers superior chip management during aggressive aluminum and non-ferrous machining.

Engineered Flute Design: Flute shape facilitates the rapid movement of the large volume of chips created during aggressive machining.

Symmetrical End Gashing: Superior balance in a high speed environment equals improved surface finishes compared to traditional 3-flute designs and offers unsurpassed plunging capabilities.

Specialized Chip Breaker: The chip breaker disrupts the chip flow along the cutting edge resulting in smaller and more controlled chips; preventing built-up edge and reduced power consumption.

The new roughing tools are ideal for heavy material removal applications where cycle time reductions are critical. The offering is available in fractional or metric diameters and standard lengths in both an uncoated or optional coated version. Ti-NAMITE-B is the exclusive high performance coating for SGS Aluminum Solutions, providing superior wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction for extended tool life.