NexTec WIZprobe

NexTec WIZprobe

NexTec Laser Metrology

Nextec Laser Metrology LLC has announced its next generation WIZprobe advanced non-contact optical laser-scanning sensor for high precision scanning and geometry data collection, recognized for performing part inspection at five times the speed of typical touch probe systems. 

As compared to its predecessor, the new generation WizProbe is smaller in size and weight. This puts less torque load on the PH10 indexable head interface, resulting in much longer PH10 life. It also comes with a standard Renishaw probe extension option that enables a longer reach with better accessibility to cavities and voids. Additionally, the laser driver offers improved performance.

The Nextec WIZprobe relies upon vision and laser technologies featuring patented optics and image processing to deliver fast, accurate and highly reliable scanning and geometric measurements.  It can handle a large variety of materials at varying angles and surface finish types including very shiny surfaces and soft or warm materials.  Additionally, the WIZprobe advanced calibration algorithm and real-time adaptive control provide continuous automatic self-calibration on-the-fly.

WIZprobe is available as a stand-alone product kit with customized software packages and motion control for integration into any process control or can be easily integrated into a CMM system.  It offers a scanning rate of 40 to 50 measuring points/second and a nominal dynamic range of +5mm.  Going forward, any new Nextec inspection system delivered will feature the new WIZprobe 7C scanner.