FLYtag RFID Solutions

FLYtag RFID Solutions

MAINtag Inc Americas

MAINtag, an emerging leader in electronic identification (EID) for the airline and aerospace industry, has developed two new FLYtag RFID products for cabin interior part marking. The new FLYtag fiber is ideal for seats and life vests, filling a need for A/C manufacturers' expansion of cabin RFID applications in 2013.

MAINtag's new global product launches include:

FLYtag Fiber
Developed for the life vest market, FLYtag fiber was designed by MAINtag with inflatables manufacturers' expertise to enable identification of life vests, slides and seat covers within cabin interiors. Priced at just over $1.00 per unit, FLYtag fiber offers long read range, while being very lightweight and highly flexible. It may be sewn, attached with adhesive, stapled, or integrated in a plastic cavity, and can be used to tag new inflatables or retrofit existing ones. FLYtag fiber is available in both dual-record and single-record formats, and is ATA spec 2000 V.4 compliant.

This rugged, ultra-light high temperature, high-performing tag was designed by MAINtag with strong support of engine manufacturers to withstand temperatures reaching 482°F/250°C. FLYtag HT is designed for use on metal in both non-pressurized areas and cabin interiors. It is available with high- and low-memory capacity chips, enabling electronic identification of airborne parts for an entire life cycle. FLYtag HT is available in dual- and multi-record formats.

FLYtag RFID products have been chosen by more than 50 OEMs; all are SAE AS5678 compliant. MAINtag is AS/EN/JISQ 9100 certified. Since 2004, MAINtag has sought to leverage RFID physics to ensure accuracy and performance of flyable ATA spec 2000 RFID tags, readers, and dedicated software.