Heliqmill 390 Line of Inserts

Heliqmill 390 Line of Inserts

Iscar Metals Inc.


Officials at ISCAR introduce the ISCAR Heliqmill 390 line, a new step of development of the Helimill insert with helical cutting edge.

The classical Helimill insert and its further derivatives have two cutting edges. The new line offers a triangular insert with three cutting edges. The new inserts are available with 10mm and 15mm cutting edge lengths. The insert with three edges has a stronger structure and its clamping into the pocket features high rigidity. The advanced cutting geometry of the new insert results in a precise 90° shoulder and a wiper flat provides excellent surface finish. The Heliqmill 390 tools have impressive ramping-down abilities.

The new line incorporates all the advantages of Helimill; however, in ISCAR’s new Heliqmill 390 line, the added advantages of an extra cutting edge, extra-strong design, extra reliability, and extra accuracy lead to extra performance.  This provides productive milling of true 90° in combination with an improved cost per cutting edge.

The Heliqmill 390 inserts are produced from ISCAR’s innovative Sumo Tec carbide grades, which contribute largely to increasing productivity.

The new tools are intended for machining shoulders, slots, and planes. In addition, they can be a good choice in milling surfaces, ramping-down or helical interpolation such as pockets or cavities. The tools are available as endmills with shanks and face mills with a central bore.