Flexible Hones; Abrasive Brushes

Flexible Hones; Abrasive Brushes

Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.


The Flex-Hone for Aerospace Metals and Space Age Alloys
The aerospace industry uses the flexible hone from Brush Research Manufacturing to cut and surface aerospace materials and space age alloys, lightweight metals used in aircraft components such as rotating engine parts, landing gear equipment, helicopter rotor drive shafts, and hydraulic control mechanisms. These alloys are often hard-to-machine, and require a cutting and finishing tool with a consistent geometry and long life. For high-quality surface finishing at precise tolerances, the aircraft industry chooses the flexible hone.

Available in a variety of abrasive types and grit sizes, the Flex-Hone tool uses a low-temperature, low-pressure abrading process to produce a plateau surface finish that’s metallurgically free of cut, torn, and folded metal.

Brush Research Manufacturing’s Diamond Flex-Hone is specially designed for deburring, edge blending, and surface finishing hard materials such as carbides, ceramics, and aerospace steel alloys. Available in different mesh sizes, the Diamond Flex-Hone features resin bond diamond crystals with high-friability for self-sharpening edges. To aid heat dissipation and improve bond retention, diamond honing tools from Brush Research are made with coated nickel abrasive.

NamPower Aircraft and Aerospace Brushes

For surface conditioning and part deburring after machining or grinding, the aerospace industry uses NamPower abrasive brushes. This high-performance brush tools provide consistent surface finishing of metallic, super alloy, advanced composite, and ceramic parts. NamPower brush tools are also used for blending surface imperfections and inconsistencies, deburring and edge radiusing, and parts cleaning.