DR Series Model of Rotary Tables and Indexers

DR Series Model of Rotary Tables and Indexers

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Ganro Industrial Corp., formally known as Golden Sun Industrial, introduces their new DR Series model of rotary tables and indexers. 

Their new series of rotary tables and indexers range in faceplate diameter size from 120mm (4.72”) to 2,500mm (98.42”). The vast range of available sizes accommodates the majority of manufacturer’s requirements. All DR Series rotary tables can be used in the vertical or horizontal position to increase manufacturing flexibility.

The DR Series features a more compact base which uses less of the machining envelope allowing more machine table space for workpieces and additional workholding equipment. All Ganro rotary tables are now standard with larger center thru-holes to accommodate larger workpieces.

Internally the new design features a new deeper double lead worm system.  This improved worm shaft and worm wheel design will increase accuracy and reduce backlash giving users the ability to produce better workpieces.  The new design also features improved gear ratios for increased rpm’s.