United Grinding

United Grinding Technologies presents the Blohm PROFIMAT MT 608, which has been designed purely as a high performance, flexible profile grinder. Grinding spindle drives with a power up to 45kw (60hp) and a maximum cutting speed of 35m/s, guaranteeing outstanding performance utilizing conventional creep feed(CF), continuous dress creep feed (CDCF), as well as all CBN grinding methods. A large spectrum of standard accessories, special part clamping, and part handling systems offer a quick and economic adaptation to customer-specific, high quality production requirements.

The PROFIMAT MT includes a CNC-driven overhead dressing system for CDCF grinding methods designed for a grinding wheel width of up to 150mm.  This includes a quick change outer bearing system with arbor mounted roller system and a table mounted dresser option for diamond rolls up to a width of 200mm or for contour dressing with universal diamond dressing disks and a rough dressing disk.

The PROFIMAT MT can add optional CNC indexing units from most manufactures for integration to the MT providing 4- and 5-axis grinding capability.

The Control 
The Blohm PROFIMAT MT comes with the Siemens 840D CNC control with graphical operator guidance especially developed for grinding applications and guarantees process optimization.  The simple programming is supported by menu-guided grinding and dressing cycles.  The optional BLOHM profile 32 software is a comfortable tool, especially for single piece and batch production.  It automatically generates grinding and dressing programs.

In CDCF grinding, the wheel is continuously dressed, while IPD (In-Process Dressing) utilizes the CNC control to infeed at pre-programmed rates saving time and optimizing the grinding economics. Programming macros for continuous path controlled grinding of convex/concave shapes uses interpolation of up to five axes which permits grinding of large radii at superior accuracy.

Coolant delivery is critical for Creep Feed grinding and the PROFIMAT MT includes an NC controlled coolant nozzle positioning system to match coolant nozzle discharge to the ever changing wheel diameter.


The Blohm PROFIMAT MT 608 has a grinding range of 600mm x 800mm. The distance of the table to the spindle center is 150mm to 700mm on a standard model; however, the it also has an extended 950mm option.  X-axis travel is 900mm with a feed rate of 30mm/min to 25,000mm/min.  Y-axis travel is standard at 550mm, however, the the machine also includes the optional 800mm  extended range with a feed rate of 4mm/min to 3,750mm/min.  Z-axis travel is 520mm with a feed rate of 4mm/min to 4,000mm/min.  V-axis (stroke of optional overhead dresser) is 130mm. Grinding spindle drive is a 45 kW variable speed AC motor producing 8,000rpm with maximum power achieved at 1500rpm. Grinding wheel size is up to 500mm x 150mm x 127mm.

For more than 50 years Blohm Maschinenbau GmbH has been building surface and profile grinding machines. They are reputed worldwide as the standard for precision, quality and reliability. More than 15,000 delivered machines demonstrate the international appreciation of Blohm grinding machines. Part of the product range are standard surface and profile grinding machines for single piece and batch production and production machines which are tailored to customer requirements.