VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System

VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System

ERI America Inc.


ERIAmerica and Volumec have entered an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for North America.  ERIAmerica will handle sales and service for Volumec’s complete drilling/tapping line including its innovative VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System.

The VT/VTS Articulated Tapping System features a high torque pneumatic spindle mounted on a balanced, articulated arm with a reach of 75" and a multi-directional magnetic positioning head.  The VT/VTS system is capable of tapping fine holes in M3 - M26 steel.  It was designed to run off standard shop air, portable compressor, or even an air cylinder (limited run-time).

Constructed of aviation grade tubular aluminum, the strong yet light weight arm allows for extreme portability with ease of positioning and accuracy.  It is ideal for bench mounted workstations, yet portable enough for shop cart mounting, and excels at truck-mounted in-field applications. 

Product Specifications
Triple-balanced articulated arm system made entirely of aluminum with adjustable gas springs mounted on ball bearings, which ensures a quick and accurate hole alignment

High torque air-driven spindle with filter, pressure regulator, and lubricator that can operate on standard shop air, portable compressor, or even an air cylinder (limited run-time).

Standard multi directional head allows tapping in virtually any position

The product also includes magnetic positioning for quick and accurate alignment of the spindle.