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Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.


ph: (323) 261-2193 fax: (323) 268-6587

Since 1958, Brush Research Manufacturing has been a leader and manufacturer of premium quality power brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, and the BRM Flex-Hone Tool. We manufacture standard and custom brush products for industrial and retail customers. In addition to selling our products domestically, Brush Research exports products globally by working with an extensive network of distributors. Our tools can be found in manufacturing plants and service shops across the globe. All of the tools we manufacture are still made right here at home in the U.S.A.

Brush Research continues to apply our Flex-Hone technology to solving difficult deburring and surface finishing problems in automotive, marine, hydraulic, pneumatic, aerospace, medical and nuclear industries.

BRM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is committed to meeting and/or exceeding our customer requirements. Quality and performance is universal. There isn’t a company in any country that wants their products to be inferior or substandard. Brush Research helps everyone speak the language of high quality.

Industrial Brushes, Wire Brushes, Flex-Hone, Deburring and Finishing Tools, Custom Brushes, Tube Brushes, Power Brushes, Honing Tools, Abrasive Brushes