FAA to Review Boeings 787

According to CNBC, the FAA will conduct a special review of the Boeing 787's power system.

  • January 11, 2013
  • Manufacturing Group

The review will likely examine the design and manufacturing process of the plane, which the company has dubbed the Dreamliner, and could take several weeks, perhaps even a couple of months.

Boeing's 787 jet has suffered several mishaps this week, heightening safety concerns after a string of setbacks for the new aircraft, which is the aircraft maker's foray into new materials and systems that lighten the plane and make it more fuel-efficient. So far, airlines attracted to the savings have bought nearly 900 of them with a price tag of $207 million each. Only 46 have been delivered as yet, however.

The Dreamliner made its commercial flight debut in late-2011, following a series of production delays. It's the world's first carbon-composite jet.

The aircraft was hit by two separate events on January 4, 2013, both involving All Nippon Airways.

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