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GE Aviation Signs MOU with Aldus Aviation

Manufacturing Group | January 23, 2013

GE Aviation signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aldus Aviation Limited to develop a lessor-oriented CF34-8E and CF34-10E support package.

The support package will enable leasing companies to better control maintenance costs, regardless of the operator to which  the aircraft is leased. Under the terms of the agreement, GE would provide support for lessors of leased aircraft maintained by operators under GE’s OnPoint SM solutions engine services agreements. The product is designed to be transferrable between lessors, which will enable lessors to more accurately predict maintenance costs.

"GE service products are flexible to customer needs," says Bill Dwyer, chief marketing officer for GE Aviation Services. “With the growing role of leasing companies in financing the operating fleets, we are happy to be able to work on solutions that provide maintenance services direct to our airline customers while providing life cycle maintenance assurance to the asset owner.”

"Aldus believes this unique product will help our customers limit the cost of the maintenance burden as a direct result of operating our aircraft as part of their fleet, whilst giving us certainty over the cost and care of our owned engines," said Mr. Ciaran Redmond, chief operating officer of Aldus.

For many airlines the protection of a GE product offering is key to the efficient management of their engine fleet. This new product allows Aldus to offer such support on their engines leased to those airlines. The efficiency of this arrangement for GE, Aldus and the airline is the key economic driver in support of the CF34 family of engines.

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