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The AMD Model Store carries an array of museum quality handcrafted desktop replicas of aircraft from Orville and Wilbur’s Wright Flyer to today’s advanced aircraft that make the perfect gift or addition to your collection. These models are handcrafted from either the finest Philippine mahogany or state-of-the-art composite. Each model is shaped with precision and attention of detail. Talented artists use ultra-fine brushes and decals to embellish the pieces. Clear polyurethane finish provides lasting protection and brilliance.

All models are shipped in foam-padded boxes for safe delivery.

Browse our stock of dozens of the most popular models and call us at 800-456-0707 if you are looking for one that is not currently featured in our online store.

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E-2D Hawkeye $169.95
F-35A JSF Thunderbird $169.95
A-10 Thunderbolt II - Natural Mahogany Series $79.00
Apollo 11 Capsule $149.95
Bell HTH67T $169.95
CV-22 Osprey $79.00
B-2 Spirit - Natural Mahogany Series $79.00
Apollo $199.95
B25J Briefing Time $169.95
F/A 18 Hornet - Natural Mahogany Series $79.00
F-22 Raptor - Natural Mahogany Series $79.00
Ares V $149.95
F-35A JSF Blue Angels $169.95
B-17 Flying Fortress - Natural Mahogany Series $79.00
F-35 JSF/CTOL USAF Natural Series $79.00
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