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Swivel-head VMC

Swivel-head VMC

Machine Controls, Turning/Milling, 5 Axis Machining

Chiron America May 21, 2005

Geared for medical and dental-parts manufacturing, the FZ08KS Tilt VMC incorporates a swivel-head spindle with a range of -20° to +115° that swivels from 0° to 90° in 0.5 sec. This sixth-axis machining center, coupled with barfeed capabilities, excels in machining orthopedic devices and surgical instruments made of special plastics, titanium, and steel, as well as dental heads and implants.

Users produce milled surfaces and holes at every angular position, including outer/inner contours and tapping with the machine's NC swivel head. Six-sided machining is possible in one setup and without operator intervention.

Axis travels measure 18" in X, 10.6" in Y, and 11" in Z. The machine's toolchanger delivers a 0.8-sec tool-to-tool time and 1.9-sec chip-to-chip time. Rapid feeds are up to 3,000ipm, acceleration rates are 2G, and spindle speeds are 40,000 rpm. Digital drives, along with glass scales, provide machine accuracy.

Chiron America Inc.
Charlotte, NC